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This is a unique platform which connects learners and instructors. Demo Classes is a demo platform not the platform for course delivery. Through this platform learners can watch the any number of videos and contact the instructors they like. Our job is over when learners and instructor are connected

Suppose you are a learner and you want to take a course on IT. You can search & view all relevant demo videos. Click on "Contact Coach" button given below the video. you can send your query directly to intended coach not to all.

Instructor can create their login and get access to instructor panel. They can upload their demo video with all course details. Also they can add key words for SEO. Once approved by admin, the demo will be visible on portal. If any candidate click on "Contact Coach" button, instructor will get email with candidate query and directly connected with learner.

Create instructor login and fill all details. Once your profile reviewed and approved by admin, your can upload your demo video. Admin will review the content and activate to visible on site.

Demo classes charge subscription fee for one year. You may see offer also for featured demo to increase visibility.

Learner can see any video. If they like, they can contact by clicking button " Contact Coach" below the video frame. Here learner can write their query or message and press Send button. Instructor will receive the email from demo@democlasses Cc to learner. In this way they further communicate with demo classes.

It will go only to the instructor you send to. Demo classes doesn't share anyone's email publicly.

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