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How to sign up and create an instructor login

Vijay Admin / 28 Nov, 2023

Create login

Step 1: Go to https://www/ and click on the Sign-in button at the right top.

Step 2: Click on the "Create new account" link. Please fill correct email ID, You will receive a verification email

Step 3: Go to the email box and click on the link received from

Step 4: Go to the home page and sign in with your credentials.

This is your learner's(Student) id. You can browse the site, view the video, and contact instructors.

Below are the steps to create an instructor id, if you want to upload demo videos.

Step 5: Click the link on the top right "Become an instructor". You see the page telling about planning the curriculum etc. 

Step 6. Click on the button "Become an instructor".

Step 7: Fill all the information and click "Save". Your request goes to admin for review and approval. You may see "Request Pending" status at the right top.

Step 8 Once approved by admin, you become an instructor, Now. click on the "Profile" link on the left menu and fill in your details.

Below are the steps to upload the demo video. For this, you must have your video uploaded on YouTube".

Step 9: You are now set for uploading your demo video. Click on the "Upload course" link on the left menu. 

Step 10 Follow the fields to fill in and click on "Save and confirm".

        A. Importantly Select the course type "General".

        B. Key points are the learning objectives

Step 11: Select course category, subcategory, and tags. If you don't find appropriate options, WhatsApp on +91-7558264738 to add. 

Step 13: Upload thumbnail image and add YouTube video ID. The feature of uploading videos on this platform is yet to come. Click on "Save and confirm"

Step 13: Follow the fields and upload the course lessons etc. Click on "upload lesson"

Step 14: Click on the "Radio button" Text. Add all details appropriately, For any guidance, call on +91-7558264738.

Step 15: In the case of "Co-instructor", select a name or click on "Save and confirm"

Step 16: Payment option: currently, it is free. Click on the "Save" button.

Step 17: You can see the demo video on the "My course" link on the left menu.  It is visible to learners once approved by "Admin"

Step 18: That's it. Thank you.